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Their primary role is to provide first-line supervision to EMTs and paramedics in the field. Typically, they are responsible for daily schedules, assignment of personnel to units, assuring adequate resources and response to significant emergencies, and serving as initial incident commander for smaller emergencies. They work within daily operations in the field and/or at station in order to ensure daily operations are running smoothly and provide primary supervisory support to staff for field operations.

Dustin Winslow, has been serving with Pasquotank-Camden EMS since August of 2014. He received his EMT Basic in April of 2014, Then, his EMT Intermediate in February of 2016, Then obtaining his Paramedic in November of 2021.


He obtain National Registry Paramedic in April of 2022. Certified Tactical Medic and CPR Instructor.


He has the passion for helping people, as well as teaching and mentoring the future of EMS. He looks forward to continuing his career and education as far as he can possibly take it, as well as watching this system and its technicians grow.

Jessica Houdek, started in EMS in 2004 as an EMT at the age of 19 and worked in an emergency room as a tech. She got her Paramedic in 2006, just before turning 21, and worked with a 911 fire department in the Chicagoland area until 2010 when she moved to the DC-Metro area. She worked at an asthma and allergy clinic while in DC. She moved to NENC in 2012 and have been working with Pasquotank-Camden EMS since to include the Rescue Squad.


She is married with two children and worked on the truck until just before they were born.

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