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The Chaplain offers spiritual support to Pasquotank Camden EMS staff, patients and their families. This ministry is manifested most clearly in times of crisis.


The Chaplains are committed to respect the dignity and faith tradition of each individual, and to guide and direct the spiritual climate of the organization.


They base their pastoral care ministry on an inclusive basis, open to persons of all faiths or no faith. The Chaplains also facilitate communication between patients and their faith communities.


The Chaplain for Pasquotank Camden EMS is selected and appointed by written order of the EMS Chief

  • Provide spiritual guidance to members of the ambulance service and their families in times of crisis and to help them with their spiritual needs.  

  • Provide spiritual guidance to patients and family members of the patient when a disabling injury or a death occurs.

  • The Chaplain is able to respond as often as possible to all major fire incidents and critical calls including fatalities.  

  • The Chaplain is able to frequently visit local hospitals and medical clinics to build rapport with medical personnel.  

  • The Chaplain can assist a family in funeral arrangements for both active and retired ambulance service members and their family.  

  • Counseling of members of Pasquotank Camden EMS when requested.  

  • Be a member of the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team.  

Pastor Jason Wise is our Departmental Chaplain. Our EMS Chaplaincy Program. Growing up in Public Safety family, he is now a member of our team with the objective of helping to ensure that we have someone objective to reach out to in our times of personal and/or professional need.



Any communication a person makes to the Chaplain is on a strictly confidential basis and will not be released to any members or the public. 

The Chaplain does not replace the home church pastor, but seeks to support the concern of every church for its members who may be in professions with special risks and needs.  

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