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 EMS Operations

Pasquotank-Camden EMS operates out of one centralized station located in Elizabeth City, NC and three satellite stations located in the more rural areas of each county. The department is licensed by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services and employs full time, and  part time technicians,  Administrative staff includes the EMS Director, Operation Manager, EMS Training Officer and a three person billing office staff. Community Partnership Paramedicine Program staff includes Program Director, and two Community Paramedics. Daily operations are managed by one of 4 Field Captains and Lieutenants.  All staff members are employees of Pasquotank County local government.


Operationally Pasquotank–Camden EMS maintains a total fleet of 13 ambulances and provides daily staffing for 6 emergency ambulances, 2 quick response vehicle. These units are strategically placed and are routinely repositioned to ensure the most efficient response for the entire coverage area.


Annual call volume typically exceeds 11,000 requests for service and like most systems is progressively increasing year after year.

We also provide non-emergency transportation to/from nursing facilities, hospitals and physician appointments.

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