Services Provided

  1.  Home Safety Assessment

  2.  In-Home Fall Prevention

  3.  Medication Compliance Plan

  4.  Physician Compliance Plan

  5.  In-Home Nutrition Education

  6.  Resource referrals

  7.  Appointment reminders

  8.  Transportation

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Are You a Fit for CPPP?

Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is yes to any of them then our program is right for you.

1.  Have I been diagnosed with a chronic disease?

2.  Am I confused about my diagnosis? Do I need help and don’t know where to get it?

3.  Have I missed doctor appointments because I had no way of getting there?

4.  Have I called 911 because I had no other way of seeing a physician?

5.  Have I failed to take my medicine because I didn’t have a way to get it and I didn’t understand what it was for?

6.  Am I not eating right because I don’t know what I am supposed to eat?

7.  Do I wish that I had someone to help me?

Typical Patient Schedule

Week 1   Home Visit (up to 3)

  1. Enrollment into program

  2. Identify critical needs

  3. Wellness Check

Week 2    Home Visit (up to 3)

  1. Follow up on identified needs

  2. Resource referral(s)

  3. Compliance education

  4. Wellness Check

Week 3   Home Visit (up to 2)

  1. Nutrition education

  2. Wellness Check

  3. Resource referral(s) follow-up

Week 4   Home Visit (up to 2)

  1. Compliance follow-up

  2. Wellness Check

Week 5   Home Visit (1)

  1. Wellness Check

Week 6   Home Visit (1)

  1. Wellness Check

Week 7   Home Visit (1)

  1. Wellness Check

Week 8   Home Visit (1)

  1. Wellness Check/Graduation

Community Partnership Paramedicine Program

1144-C N Road Street

Elizabeth City, NC  27909

Phone: 252.335.1524 Ext. 5005

Fax: 252.335.2560

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Community Paramedicine (CP) is a model of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that encompasses community-based care. Community Paramedics provide vital service in the form of preventative care in underserved areas, triage of acute calls, and facilitation of follow-up care as necessary. Community Paramedics assist healthcare providers in both the primary care and emergency medicine specialties. Community Paramedicine is a gap filler. We do not replicate services; we partner with surrounding agencies and utilize all community resources to improve patient health.

Bridging the Gap

With Community Paramedicine your care doesn’t stop after you walk out of a clinic or leave the emergency department. We assist with scheduled follow-up appointments and referrals to specialists. We provide needed transportation to these appointments and we make sure that prescribed medications are filled and taken as prescribed. We also provide nutrition education and resource referral(s) and follow-up. Our program focuses on patients with a history of Sepsis, CHF, Diabetes, and Transitional care.