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Welcome to Pasquotank-Camden EMS

A Paramedic level system serving Pasquotank and Camden Counties with superior quality Emergency Medical Services. Our department is geographically located in Northeastern NC and covers an area of 468 square miles with an estimated population of over 50,000 people. Our EMS teams provide exceptional prehospital emergency and non-emergency care to the residents and visitors of the region with a focus on clinical excellence.



To provide exceptional Emergency Medical Services to all residents and visitors of the Pasquotank and Camden Communities and to treat people with respect regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation or circumstance.  



To be a reliable source of support for the Pasquotank and Camden Communities and offer the finest emergency medical care delivered by compassionate and perceptive technicians; to reduce medical emergencies in the Pasquotank-Camden Communities by educating residents in preventive measures and delivering hands-on training in identifying key signs and symptoms of serious injury and illness.  

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