EMS Station 50

Headquarters - Elizabeth City

Physically located directly adjacent to Sentara Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, our main station serves from the core of the Pasquotank-Camden System.  This station is where EMS all started for the two counties and now acts as the hub for all EMS field operations.  In addition to administrative offices, the operations supervisor, 3 emergency ambulances, and up to 4 non-emergency ambulances operate out of this location.

Fire/EMS Station 4

Substation - Nixonton

Staffed with 1 Paramedic level ambulance 24 hours a day, this station serves the southern portion of Pasquotank County.  This was the system's first substation addition a few years back as call volume increased and the system expanded to meet the needs of the community. The partnership with Pasquotank-Nixonton VFD has proved very beneficial to everyone over the years and significantly helps to reduce response times.

Fire/EMS Station 12

Substation - Camden

Operating out of South Camden VFD's station, 1 Paramedic level ambulance is staffed 12 hours a day during peak daytime hours to rapidly respond to emergencies in the central and southern portion of Camden County. This was the system's third substation addition as we continue to grow and improve response capabilities.

Fire/EMS Station 14

Substation - South Mills

The newest substation to be added to the Pasquotank-Camden System is Station 14 which also has 1 Paramedic level ambulance operating 12 hours a day during peak daytime hours out of South Mills VFD's station.  This crew is available to rapidly respond to the northern portion of both Pasquotank and Camden Counties and significantly helps to reduce response times for critical emergencies.

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