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About Us

Pasquotank–Camden EMS is a Paramedic level EMS organization serving both Pasquotank and Camden counties located in Northeastern NC. Pasquotank-Camden County EMS operates out of one centralized station located in Elizabeth City, NC and four satellite stations located in the more rural areas of each county. Pasquotank–Camden EMS is licensed by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services and employs approximately 55 full time, 42 part time technicians.  Administrative Staff includes an EMS Chief, Operations Manager, 4 Shift Captains, 4 Shift Lieutenants and 1 Community Paramedic Captain who oversees 2 Community Paramedics.  All staff members are employees of Pasquotank County local government.

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Pasquotank–Camden EMS serves an area of 468 square miles with a population of over 50,000 people. It is a paid service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Our department is the exclusive sole provider of both 911 and non-emergency ambulance service for the two county region 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Each EMS Team provides continuous, quality pre-hospital emergency and non-emergency care to the residents and visitors of the two counties. Annual projections for year 2022 are expected to be in excess of 13,500 total requests for EMS service with prior year’s numbers gradually increasing each year.


Patients are routinely transported locally to Sentara Albemarle Medical Center as the primary hospital for the region. Air-Medical Helicopters from Nightingale Air Ambulance in Norfolk, V.A., Vidant Air Ambulance in Greenville, N.C., as well as the United States Coast Guard from Air Station Elizabeth City also serve our area and are routinely requested to transport critical medical and trauma patients to the area's distant trauma centers located in Norfolk, VA and Greenville, NC. Both service area counties border the Pasquotank River and Albemarle Sound which are part of the heavily traveled Intracoastal Waterway and tie back to the historic roots of the city known as the "Harbor of Hospitality."


Pasquotank County also hosts the nation's largest US Coast Guard base, Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, which is responsible for numerous search and rescue missions each year throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Tied in with the base is a joint civil-military airport named Elizabeth City Regional Airport. Our response district includes two school systems which altogether have a total of 20 schools in addition to covering one State university, Elizabeth City State University.  Both counties include two main arteries for traffic which are US Highway 17 traveling North-South and US Route 158 traveling East-West.  Located adjacent to the Coastal "Outer Banks" of NC and Metropolitan Hampton Roads area of VA, it’s easy to understand that a great deal of traffic flow passes through both counties each day.

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