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Community Outreach

Pasquotank Camden EMS conducts numerous community outreach activities for the citizens of Pasquotank and Camden County. 


Pasquotank Camden EMS can send an ambulance crews to visit preschools, elementary and middle schools. Technician's will explain EMS' role in the community and how they help the sick and injured.

 An ambulance show-n-tell is included and will demonstrate some of the equipment on board the unit. . 

Pasquotank Camden EMS Community Outreach presents life safety programs in the community each year. We can tailor a program to fit your needs and/or the audience.

  • Career days

  • Pre-schools

  • Scouting programs

  • Senior citizen groups

  • Service groups

Our Goal includes educating the community about the services we offer and helping residents live healthier and safer lives. We also have a variety of ways to introduce youth to a career in EMS and the healthcare field


Would you like us to come visit? 

(252) 355-1524


We’re very happy to schedule a time for someone on our team to come out and talk about EMS in general or any specific topics. We welcome open question sessions to be sure we’re addressing the needs of the group.

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